A few thoughts about how I managed to find a prefect outsourcing firm

A while ago my firm has decided to use outsourcing. I was the one to decide the IT outsourcing company we would hire. The decision was not that obvious as I thought it was going to be. As our enterprise hasn’t been using such services earlier, I didn’t know which company I was supposed to select. First of all, I was looking for information online. This was not that helpful because there were many firms so it was really hard to select because many of them have amazing ratings and opinions.


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Consequently, this could not be my only reference point. I made my mind to ask other firms from my branch about their experience with IT outsourcing firms. After some meetings and conversations, I had less than 7 names of the enterprises that were used by other companies and proven to be highly professionals. From all of them, I have finally picked an objectivity company. Why did I chose that firm, not another one? When I received those names of recommended firms, I have checked their websites.

I was aware that all of those companies were extremely good and specialized in the area of IT outsourcing. Consequently, I was looking for something else that could convince me that 1 of them is the perfect enterprise. And I found this on objectivity company website. First of all, I have noticed an outstanding attitude not only towards potential customers but also to their potential employees. Why I found that so convincing? Because I always knew that the best professionals work for enterprises that are most friendly. Second, I kied the way how the info on the website was presented I could select a staff member by their favoutire type of drink or by sport activity.

Options such as “I prefer TV and chips” have shown that the enterprise is innovative and have not only sense of humour but also an ability to look at the reality in unconventional way. These days, I am happy to tell that I made a great decision. I was aware that the firm was highly professional due to the fact that it was suggested by other firm. Nevertheless, thanks to my reflections made on the basis of their website, I am cooperating with great, talented professionals, who are also open-minded and greatly friendly people.