Cooperation via Internet as a response to the question regards what is the most important trend at present in the sphere of trade?

Internet belongs obviously to those of inventions that have likely improved the most the life of significant percentage of people nowadays. It is proved by the fact that if this alternative wouldn’t be invented, there would be no such rapid availability of information as well as the communication would be far harder. This explains why also in the sphere of trade the influence of the Internet is far more visible.


Autor: Stan Dalone & Miran Rijavec

Owing to having an occasion to contact via Web a lot of people, who take part in the goods exchange might agree various details of their transaction even living 5000 km from each other. Moreover, if something requires consultation they might quite rapidly consult the changes and save time and money. Therefore, we can certainly agree with a sentence that development of the Internet has played a significant role regards intensifying the global exchange of the goods and making it be more and more popular.

Another important aspect related to the impact of the Internet on the trade is that this invention has increased the intensiveness of the exchange of commodities. It is proved by the fact that the distance is no longer something that is a limit in the topic of communication. As a result, we can make an order really rapidly and without covering additional expenses. This is certainly something positive, as it provides plenty of comfort for the customers, who may fulfill their requirements far faster.



To sum up, in the sector of trade we may be assured that if there would be no Internet, the amount of products exchanged between diverse countries on the Earth would be substantially reduced. Consequently, we ought to also realize that the influence of the Web is quite positive in this area and is likely to become even more visible and necessary for further growth of global exchange of the products and making it be done even faster and cheaper.