Are you a proprietor of any old stuff? It might necessitate your assistance even urgently!

Time, communities and meteorological conditions happen to be brutal to old constructions and / or antiquities. Sometimes they may need our support to start approximating their best times once more.

There are various experts out there who are able to help you out if you want to change appearance and / or functionality of an object, or even whole building!

Autor: Geoff Peters

Autor: John Menard
Renovation is the name widely used to characterize an operation of change of appearance, purpose of a construction (understood in a wide sense), that is, a alteration in the shape and / or diMENsions of the complex, and / or an extension, for the reason of remodeling and / or transformation for other uses, in addition to almost always conservation and maintenance (operations against the meteorogical factors, whitewashing, waterproofing). The term ‘renovation’ occasionally introduces also the renovation of cultural property, which is a professional activity committed to encouraging the continuity of those enlightening and artistic testimonies, by safeguarding them and recovering them effectively in order that they may be transmitted to next generations by securing their contemporary use and respecting its historical, artistic and social understanding. Managing in both cases is supported by a comprehensive multidisciplinary investigation and communication process.

The restoration relates to all those activities, which intend to facilitate their admiration, understanding and use.

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In many cases, these actions change the aspect of the good, try returning the object its signification, and preserve it for our descendants.