Now I am aware that driving a car can be fun if you use the newste technology!

Last weekend I have had a chance to drive a vehicle of my colleague. I never drive. I own a driving licence. Nevertheless, I have never bought a vehicle. I simply didn’t find that enjoyable or interesting. I always rather considered it as a duty, not as a thing which can give also a joy. Recently, just after riding this car, I completely changed my mind! Nowadays, I am conviced that it could be an unforgetable experience. I presumably changed my opinion thanks to the 2 things I was using during driving.


Autor: Robert Anders
Firstly, the vehivle was equipped with bmw combox. You have no idea what it is? Don’t be upset. A while ago I hadn’t known about it too. Nevertheless, it is something so great that this is useful to be knw such ss7 network security exists. I will try to present it by the following way. Have you flied 1 of that really modern plane? In that kind of planes, every person has its own screen on which they can listen to the music, play the game or watch favourite series. So a combox is something quite similar. On its screen I was able to choose between different multimedia as well as radio. I could also use a navigation option. I can even browse on the internet. Couuld you imagine this? That was like a computer installed right on the front of the vehicle! You may presumably think that I exaggerate. I want make it certain that I don’t. I can even connect this combox with the external devices. It can be done directly or through a Bluetooth! That is very impressive, isn’t it?


Autor: Alexander Nie
Furthermore, I was showed how to use the parking assistance with bmw surround view system. As a result of having, surround view camera I could see my as from bird’s-eye view. I could see the area and possible barriers not just before my vehicle, but also in the back as well as on both sides. Right after I have turned on the function, a system showed all items right next to the car. I was able obviously watch all of that on the screen. The function even let me know when I was supposed to turn on a turn-signal! After that, the information appeared on the screen. It said that I should use now reverse gear as well as remove hands from a steering wheel When I did as it had said, the steering wheel staaarted to go around itself! That was amazing. Nonetheless, we still have to remember that it is only a machine. We still have to make sure that there are no passerbies behind the car.