Elementary information about constructing a deep well at your plot

Are deep wells worth a consideration? Water is one of those goods without which our existence is totally impossible. That is why we are more selecting to have a well on the plot, even while it is available to get water from the water supply.


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To have the drinkable water, you will need a deep water reservoir, since the only water you should consume is deep water. Its organic and microbiological cleanliness is inflUEnced by the existence of an impermeable layer above the mirror of water, which safeguards it from the unfavorable effects of external elements. Depth of deep wells usually exceeds 10 m, and they are created using a specific drilling rig, that is apllied for underground drilling.

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There exists a misunderstanding that the more profound the water is, the cleaner it is and less exposed to contamination. As a principle it is, but not always, because frequently more profound water is more contaminated with iron. To determine the depth of the removal work for the build well, suitable geological investigations is supposed to be carried out. Fundamental geological inquiry in the case of water reservoirs consists of recognizing the geological structure and hydrogeological circumstances in the interested area. It is as well worth bringing up that such investigation can help save expenses if it happens to reveal that in the place where we wish to drill, unfortunately there is no appropriate aquifer. The point of drilling or wellbore is indicated by a hydrologist depending on available studies.

If a thorough geological investigation has been done, this should not be an obstacle. The water reservoir should be ubicated in accordance with the provisions of the administrative ordinance, that enumerates its minimum distance from different services.