Have you ever wonder about checking your boyfriend’s cell?

I am sure that all women have checked mobiles of their partners. Ok, I need to admit that perhaps even all women. But I am positive that most of them. E.g., all of my female friends have done it previously. Last Friday I met my girlfriends in the evening. We made some wine and kept talking all night. one of us wanted to check if her partner is loyal to her, we started discussing the subject of checking boyfriends’ cells for at least two hours. You might be wondering what were our main points. I may basically divide my friends into three types. There were 10 women, everyone in relationships.


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In consequence, I believe that we were pretty good test group for typical sociological study. Firstly, there are women who claim that their never check their partner’ mobile phones. To be honest, I am not convinced if I believe them. I mean – this might be real that they didn’t do it, but I believe that the only reason for this is because they didn’t have a chance to do it.Second, there are females who did that just once and never did it again.

For instance, my good colleague Elisabeth has checked her partner’s mobile. Her purpose was to check if he didn’t cheat on her.

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She was looking for some messages for other women, or some erotic emails. What she found was, for example, e-mail about truck wraps nyc and texts from his mother. After that, she decided that she will trust him thus never search anything in his mobile phone again. The third group was the largest one. This was constituted by femals who check their boyfriend’ cell regularly. Some of them had found something previously.

In consequence, they are convinced that they really have right to keep on checking their partners’ mobiles all the time. Some of them didn’t find anything suspicious, but are still doing this just as it make them feel safer. I personally belong to the 3th group. I know that it is not the reason to be proud of. Nonetheless, I cannot fight it. I feel much better when I believe that my sweethearth is faithful. Some men and females may criticise it, but I am convinced this makes our relationship stronger.