How to make your time in storehouse simpler? Invest in brand new lifting technologies. Others have already done that.

National logistics enterprises and their storages are in that moment, when they have to exploit a modern science achievements if they want to keep opinion in their type of business. Of course, sizable firms have new equipment for more valuable and advanced agreements and orders and older, used devices for less money-making projects. Tinier companies have to use only new tools to be competitive.


Autor: inplusPR

Lifting equipment is main tool in all harbors and high bay storages. Leading harbours in Poland like Port of Gdańsk or Port of Gdynia with Gdynia and Gdańsk shipyards and big warehouses in central part of Poland are usinga lot of devices allowed to use by polish law. First of all are cranes. In daily usage we have three common types: overhead, mobile and fixed. First one is ordinaly used inside storehouses. It can be remotely conducted by worker with permission.

It is equipped in a beam on which hook-and-line device is moving. Second is mobile crane. By definition, it may change workplace so it is commonly using outside. Last one is called fixed. They are the highest and can lift the heaviest stock. It is use outside because of its size. Second type of lifting equipment is gantry crane. Mostly used in ports and railway terminal to storing and unloading goods. First one was made of raw materials by Germans and located in Danzig (nowadays it is polish town called Gdańsk) and it was built-it inside town walls. Nowadays gantry cranes are mostly set with open place inside. Because of that they are called portal cranes.

Last one, used inside, are configured with storage ERP systems an automated warehouse and retrieval system. It is completely automatic and can be used to locating, retrieving and replacing items in horizontal and vertical way. With the highest level of upgrate they could be used just in one way (only horizontal or vertical) or in a few routes at that same time.

Without this tools loading and stowing sizable tank ships can be truly time-consuming and expensive. Investing in brand new science achievements should be the main factor in budgets of logistics corporations, warehouses and ports.