Ways to learn Polish while living in Poland. How best to do it?

There are tons of people, who are currently living in Poland. Some of them stayed here for their girlfriends, some of them came because pf their job, some of they plainly fell in love with Poland and made up their mind to stay here. Nevertheless, many of them have problem with Polish language.

Even though

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, many young individuals in Poland are able to communicate in English, the older generation don’t. Plenty of the activities, as e.g., films in cinemas and spectacles in many theatres are also conductedplayed in Polish language, not in English. Even though it is possible to live in Poland and communicate only in English, it is a lot easier to can speak in local language. It seems that most of foreginers that live in Poland, have similar experience as well as conclusions, as Polish course warsaw became very attractive within a last few years. Presently, the offer of courses is without a doubt wide. Which one to choose? Which course would be ideal for you? Hopefully, this pretty short guide below is going to help you to made up your mind which Polish course warsaw you should attend (company Po Polsku. Polish for Professionals).1. Group courses

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This is the most popular type of Polish courses. Frequently the group consists of dozen of students. The teacher is a native Polish speaker. This kind of a course can be conducted in two different ways:Teacher conducts it just in Polish, beginning with extremely basis words an expressions. Later on, participants are familiar with expressions which they have repeated plenty of times. Teacher does not speak any other language on course. The idea is quite simple – as kids manage to learn their language only by repetition, adults may also do it.

In consequence, teacher presents everything in English. Consequently, every single world is translated into English, also grammar is explained in this language. It is worth to know that sometimes it is possible to find courses also in other languages, for instance, organized for German people. In such case, Polish grammar and words would be explained and translated into German et cetera.
2. Individual courses
In this type of course, student is alone with a tutor, and has its full attention.

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Definitely, this type of courses is a great deal more expensive. Nevertheless, it can be preferred option for these students who already know language a bit, and now mostly practise is needed.