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Summertime is virtually over and it is the awesome time to look closer at the hotel industry which has its golden time during summer breaks. Lots of men and women visit hotels, boarding homes and motels every year. Many of them are curious about the quality of the hotel areas and the hotels. The hotels usually have stars which show how plush the resort is. There are generally five stars which symbolize different requirements. Some of the hotel rankings are:


Autor: Familjen Helsingborg
One star – it is called ‘traveler’ class. What can the vacationers look forward to from the hotel and hotel room? The areas always have the bath or shower and of course here is also a WC. There is also available soap or body wash in restroom. When it comes to the room – the room is furnished with table, seat and color TV with remote control. The room is cleaned every day. What is more, the holidaymakers have the nonstop access to the reception service, breakfasts and there is also a deposit possibility.

Two stars – It is described as a ‘standard’ class. It offers the same requirements as one star hotels but here are supplied some further improvements such as breakfast buffet and the chance to pay for the visit by the credit card. In hotel spaces are offered bath towels, linen shelves, reading light next to bed (see solid wood bathroom furniture uk) and sanitary products (such as toothpaste, toothbrush and others) in bathroom.
3 stars – those sorts of accommodations are called ‘comfort’. They give every convenience which is located in two or 1 star resort. Nevertheless, the further star indicates that the hotel gives extra services and hotel room improvements. In the hotel room, the traveller will see beverages in the fridge, phone on the table and access to the Net. What is more, here is also included sewing package and shoe polish items which are quite necessary during business travels.

hotel room

Autor: Guillaume Speurt
As it may be seen, each hotel star shows various requirements. Before you go on vacation, it is worth to test what to expect in the given resort.