Developing software – is it worth keeping this within in-house team?

If you have a company which use more advanced software, you probably have been wondering before about hiring an external software development company. It’s widely known it is not easy decision. On lots of forums on the internet it’s easy to see threads with very much alike questions and doubts. Plenty of them revolve around two main questions. Firstly – when is the suitable moment to hire one of those companies called software house international? The other one is – can’t I just keep my own in-house team?There is no simple reply for these questions. Tons of people have completely different opinions. Surely, you must form your own opinion on this subject. One of the answers I agree with is: leave in-house your main activities that create main income for your enterprise. Others activities, especially those that are time-consuming, you should delegate to an external software development company (read).


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Thanks to this, you could concentrate as much as possible on your core activities, without being bothered with secondary tasks. E.g., many advices on various forums imply that product management and activities related to this area should stay in business. Nevertheless, as we presumably all agree, product development is awfully time-consuming. It also requires many professionals who could work completely on that. In such case, it will probably be a great deal more beneficial to posses a software house work on it for you.

The substantial rule you should keep in mind is that even if your company is able to do something, that doesn’t automatically mean it is worth doing it. It is necessary to analyse all determinants to make good decision. It is important to judge if it is important to hire the software development at that stage of development of your company and its main product. That is not a secret that such service is rather not cheap (visit page). Software house international has an amazing knowledge and experience regarding software development. Therefore,, you shouldn’t expect from them to work at a reduced price. Professional services are not low-priced. Nevertheless, normally such investment pays off. But not every time. And this is why the final decision still belongs to you.