All you have to know prior to taking EQE

It is among the most demanding professional examinations. If you are aiming to take EQE (European Qualifying Examination), you are presumably aware of it.

If you’re not or you want to check your proficiency, you will consider this article practical.
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EQE is required to be passed by everyone wanting to turn into a European Patent Attorney. As you may already know, a patent attorney concentrates on assisting his clients obtain patents and deal with their violations. In general, he is an intellectual property law expert. But becoming one is associated with lots of effort and the results are verified at the time of the specified exam. There are a few details you have to be acquainted with.

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As written on a fundamental condition that lets you take the EQE is getting a university degree. This needs to be in science or technology. Following that, you are facing working in the European patent field for three years. During that period you need to be supervised by a licensed specialist. Then you are obliged to go through a pre-examination paper. If you succeed, you are enabled to attempt passing EQE. It required writing four papers.
There are numerous possibilities if you wish to get prepared for the examination. Many future European Patent Attorneys choose courses brought by epi (patentepi.

com): the “epi tutorial”, recreated EQEs or an online schooling. If you choose the first possibility, you will be assigned a tutor and provided with assesment of your efforts. Good luck!