Types of parget and discovering the perfect one

With constructing or renovating a house follows a crucial responsibility of making proper choices. If you have no idea where to begin, start with picking parget that will work best for you.

silicone render

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Below there are a couple of types and their characteristics to help you make a choice.
One of the most vastly chosen kinds of render is the mineral one. It is so because of its satisfying price and fast drying. Besides, it is resistant to cold and dampness so if you plan to handle parget during fall or winter, this one could be a suitable choice for you. However, it is fundaMENtal to add water to it before using and putting silicone enamel on it after it has dried.
If you prefer pre mixed render, the acrylic one can be ideal for your requirements. Alike the previous type, it is also affordable and, moreover, requires just one application. Resistant to damage and rain, it is really long-lasting. Make sure to apply it in dry weather conditions: humidity slows down its drying process. It is also not very breathable.
Another kind of parget is silicone silicate render. Just like the acrylic one, it is provided as already mixed and is reliable but mustn’t be applied in unfavorable weather conditions.

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Dissimilar from it, though, this one is breathable. What is more, the silicone render does not absorb water. It can be used, for instance, on phenolic plywoods.

every presented type has its assets. Everything depends on whatever you need the most.

If it is ability to work at the time of wintry seasons, get the mineral render.

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If time is important for you- decide on acrylic or silicone render that needs to be applied just one time. The house is waiting!